How I earn 500 USD a day while sleeping.


About 15 years ago I started thinking about how to make money online using my Java programming skills. Twelve years later I live with my beautiful young wife in the Philippines and the cash keeps coming in without efforts.


On the Internet, the only things that have value are websites with many users so you (or Google) can place adds. You can choose how to get paid, per click is the most popular!

What do you need?

  1. A Google account.
  2. A WebSite and/or YouTube channel (I prefer both).
  3. A computer with Java 8 or higher. Preferably with a Linux or Unix OS so we can use cron to schedule tasks.
  4. My CashGenerator.jar Java Program

The requirements 1, 2 and 3 are easy to get. 4 (My CashGenerator.jar Java Program) took me years of Research and Development to realize, test and make it work for me. I don’t want to sell it cheap or give it away for free. Please mail or Contact me for an offer.

Sounds good! What does it do?

To make your site rank higher in Search engines you need backreferences as I described in this article. My software scans the Internet for (discussion) fora and places your link(s) there automatically while you are sleeping. The task manager schedules the dates and times the program will run for you!

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