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Also sick of Globe@Home?


Globe is the monopolist company for the Philippines. They provide WiFi (pre-payed) as well as contract services (up to 100 Mbps, which is nothing, compared where I come from (Netherlands)

Would it be such a big technical problem to send us a notification when our load is not enough for the week to come instead of cutting us off without any notification? I don’t think so!

The Linux Operating System (used by all Internet Providers worldwide) comes with all necessary tools to implement this feature! It’s free and Open Source. So why not use it?

I don’t know!

The only thing I do know is that it requires 4 lines of simple scripting code to implement this feature:

  1. A Database lookup.
  2. A simple check if your load is enough for the coming days.
  3. If not, the mail command.
  4. A cron scheduled command which calls the scripts above.


Globe is lazy, selfish and abusing their monopoly position in the Philippines!

What can we do?
  • Ask your 12-year-old child to write the script for you.
  • Ask me, I’ll do it for a beer! I’m running this service from my cloud server in Singapore, so why not for others? Just send me a message. It’s free too!