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SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

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When I first discovered this, it changed my life completely! Suddenly I could write code which could be executed everywhere in the world! And so simple! After my visit to the IBM SOA Event in Orlando, 2007, I got convinced that SOA would not only change my life but also the life of our customers.

IBM is good at exaggerating, they promised us a life where customers and suppliers would forever live in peace,  happiness, and bliss! IT-people would not talk rubbish anymore but only would speak (and think) in business language. Now, 13 years later, what has become of this?

  • Customers and suppliers are still at war! Not because of the suppliers! We’re only hard-working people, doing our best to meet our deadlines and keep our customers happy!
  • Customers are greedy and want us to work for free!
  • I’m sorry to say this but you are nothing more than a bunch of rude grabbers and slave drivers! Who are not willing to pay for honest hard labor!

With that said let’s go on helping you for free!

In a formal article, I already wrote about SOA. In another article, we spoke about web services in general.

Now let’s get our hands-on and create a web service in Eclipse. The first thing we need is a functional Java Class. There are many methods on this website, So let’s pick one. I chose the DateFormat because it’s easy to start with. You could do anything else, for example, a Database lookup.

First, open Eclipse and install a fresh server. I choose Tomcat 9.






















That’s all folks! Please note that I set the Locale to CANADA so this Service will always return the Canadese Date/Time. If you want to improve this, create a setLocale() accessor in the Class.

Apache Axis, real time remote SOAP API’s


I wrote about SOA elsewhere in this site. It’s Service Oriented Architecture based on well described services which can be accessed trough the http protocol. This is essential to prevent routers which block all kinds of ports not to prevent our Service Oriented Architecture.

Apache Axis

Axis is yet another fine Apache project which enables us to make services available in a truely amazing easy way! Apache Axis is above all very easy to use since it’s built in in most IDE’s. Eclipse is one of them and creating a Service with Eclipse is really a piece of cake. It’s really as easy as right-clicking a JavaBean and selecting “Generate Web Application”. Eclipse will then take over and go ahead generating the service. Next to the Service it will also generate:

  • A WSDL file.
  • A (JSP based client) to test your service.
  • API Documentation (for the Consumers of your Service).
Creating a Client

In Eclipse this is even more easy. Right click the WSDL and select “Generate Web-Service Client. Eclipse goes to work and produces a skeleton of Java Classes and interfaces which you need to get the client working!

What type of Programs are worth generating services for?

It depends. Do you want to do SOA? Then your service should be as elementary as possible. (Atomic). A generic service could be anything, Database lookups, Conversions and more functions which can be useful for public users.